Forum Calls for Better Understanding of China
Participants in the Chicago 2006 China Forum which opened in the American city on Monday have urged that intensified efforts be made to promote better understanding between China and the United States as an important step in deepening bilateral ties...


•  US citizen Justin RUEB, twice innocent yet twice found guilty !
By Anastasia Hélou

After reading the title one might wonder how a man can be innocent twice, yet still be found guilty. He must have done “something” one might think. And being a U.S citizen makes it harder to believe that ...

•  The Lebanese Crisis and Iran's Nuclear Programs
By Pierre Maroun

Witnessing the latest round of barbaric violence against Lebanon, many have been wondering as to why Israel has decided to end its normally limited reactions to Hizbullah’s aggression and to ferociously and widely escalate its response...

•  The Shiite Crescent and the treacherous politics of a madman
By Pierre Maroun

Two months ago, MP Michael Aoun paid a visit to the USA where he met with Congressmen Eliot Engel and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

•  Hijacking the Cedars' March to Freedom
By Anwar Wazen
A fallacy has been promoted by Druze chieftain Walid Jumblatt, the Hariri family, their TV station and their other media outlets pretending that the crowds of Lebanese that flocked to Liberty Square on March the 14th did so because they wanted to know the truth “Al Hakika” about...


City shows results of pirated goods crackdown
Forests Conservation
Spirogyra Butterfly Garden and farm Project
Violence against Women
· Iranian Teenager to Hang for Self-Defense
· Concept of 2004 "16 Days Activism Against Gender Based
" Daso Adamu has been discharged and acquitted !"
Child Exploitation
Bonded Child Labour
Road Safety
· Safety and the aging driver
· Driving near big trucks
· Backing up: Toddler danger
· Safe driving - It's your call! Cell phone safety
· Driver dementia: a growing concern
Consumer Protection
· Infant strangulations caused by failure of crib hardware
· Prevent child drownings
· A grand parents' guidefor family nurturing & Safety
· Childproofing your home: 12 safety devices to protect your children
· The super sitter
· Escalator safety

The difference between the poor countries and the rich ones (82KB)
Vocational Training - Prisoners get "life"
People’s Daily reported on October 18 that 97.5 percent of prisoners in Shandong Province were awarded with vocational certificates this year by the Vocational Training Center for Prisoners, which was set up in 2002...

China opens new chapter in space history
China launched its second manned space mission, sending two astronauts into orbit as it opened a new chapter in its ambitious drive to become a global space power...

Solar Power Policy to alleviate shortage
Shanghai is pinning big hopes and big investment, especially for residences, on solar power in an effort to alleviate its chronic energy shortage...

Chinese car passes new crash test in Germany
The Chinese "Landwind ", the first car entering European market three months ago, proved itself as a safe car after passing a recent crash test in Germany...

The Alternative Coop: A Fact Sheet
The Alternative Coop is a civil society alternative aiming at promoting sustainable development through community supported initiatives with special emphasis on rural areas...

Excessive packaging adds to environmental woes
Recycling paper: more than just a business
Spending on Environment yields big returns
   Professions - Occupations
Revitalizing Professions, Occupations and Vocations


More women contracting breast cancer at earlier age

More Chinese women are suffering from breast cancer and are contracting the disease at an earlier age than a decade ago, according to a survey by the Ministry of Health. It indicates that 3.53 out of every 100,000 Chinese women died...

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